Benefits of Sod Installation

18 Jul

Proper ground preparation is highly necessary when you choose to plant sod. A bare patch of ground is turned into a grass-covered lawn when you plant sod. This happens immediately after you have installed it. This means you will get a green yard instantly. Planting seeds in your lawn might take weeks to grow. Planting seeds can be very unattractive. This is because it is often covered with straw and other materials to protect the seeds. Sod can make your lawn very attractive. This is what makes sod convenient because it grows very fast. This is because sod installation grows very fast.

Another advantage of sod installation from concrete patios in Jasper is that it only requires less irrigation. Sod also requires less maintenance. This is unlike grass seed, which requires a lot of maintenance. Irrigation on sod grass is only required a few times. Unlike grass-seeded areas sod lawns do not dry very fast. A seeded lawn needs to be watered five or more times in a single day. When the weather is dry finding this much water cn be a problem. As for sod you can just water it twice in a day. With sod you get to save a lot of water. It also requires less maintenance, which reduces the work for you.

Another advantage of sod installation it gives you chance to use it as fast as you want. Sod grass grows very fast. Seeded lawns take weeks to grow which means you cant use them until then. There are young delicate grass blades that emerge from seeds. These blades are very delicate and they can be damaged very easily. Your grass will die easily when you play around it or even when you walk on it. Sod roots establish in your lawn very fast. You can play and entertain yourself in your sod lawn within a very short period of time. Read also about irrigation installations in Jasper.

Planting a sod lawn can help greatly in soil protection. Grass seeds are often blown away by wind because they don't grow they just rest on top of the soil. This normally happens after the seeds are germinated and spread wide. Until then the soil may also be blown away. Sod gives you a thick establihment once you install it. All the soil is covered which means it will be kept in place. Maintaining the hygiene of your house in this case becomes very easy. This is due to the fact that you will not step on dirt and mud in your lawn and carry it to your house. You should hire a professional farmer to grow your sod. This gives your lawn a unique foundation and beauty.

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